Book - Between Lovers

Between Lovers (2002)
ISBN 1-55152-124-5

Sheri-D Wilson, whose unparallelled writing style is rich with erotic jazz, infused with a sharp feminist sensibility, and laced with a dangerous wit, is back with Between Lovers, her fifth collection of poetry and her strongest to date.

Seamlessly matching word with sound, these poems fly off the page with lyrical beauty and a rhythmical electric charge that transports you into Sheri-D's surreal world: an empowering, sensual place where one can discover what it means to be a woman in the twenty-first century.

In this collection, Sheri-D’s language is brilliantly alive with the wit, charm, and playfulness she is known for. She reaches into the soul’s dark abyss and finds that what makes us different is what makes us the same.

Just what does it mean to be human? Sheri-D Wilson traverses the extremes of the human condition, as she examines the many entendres of what it means to be Between Lovers.