Book - Girl's Guide to Giving Head

Girl's Guide to Giving Head (1996)
Poetry/Spoken Word
ISBN 1-55152-031-1

Girl's Guide to Giving Head is a rapturous collection of poems by "action poet" Sheri-D Wilson, in which she furnishes a sensual and ironic palace of sights, sounds, and pleasures.

For the past ten years, Sheri-D Wilson has established herself as a spoken-word performer of the higest order, whose compelling stage presence, often complemented by music and dance, is matched by her provocative way with words. Her work, rich with humour and pathos, delves into issues faced by strong modern women, creating a sexualized feminism that at the same time celebrates life and beauty and art.

Girl's Guide to Giving Head is an instructional manual for life: it is a book about going up not down... and "head" refers to the intellect; its "giving," the act of education: teaching and learning about sex and love and ways of living. Included in this collection are such works as "Conversations with a Jealousy Junkie," "Airplane Paula"," "MacSex," "The Grass is Always Blonder on the Other Side of the Fence," and "The Day I Married Elvis.