Poem - Crow Fusion

Crow hanging upside-down
Noosed by her eerie feet
Wings coven wrong way ‘round
Rigor mortis
In a second degree, delete

Calling me
Through the mid-summer fusion-heat
From the crumbling shambles of a gang house porch
Through the silent shadows of the street lamp torch
The incorporeal corpse
Was calling me
Hanging upside-down
Calling me
To cut her down
To set her free
To give her death some dignity

I cast a spell on the gatekeeper key
Used trickster power of crow to aid me
To tame the frothing guard-dog fangs
Chained pit bull to the criminal gangs, haunt
And then
I crept black cat to the crow-cry-crypt
Up the creaking stairs I silent spirit-slipped
And there
I cut lynched crow-woman down
And I carried her home
To my lair with no sound
As a poem in my pocket, in my arms a ghostly child
Unjustly defiled, in a veil of
Black feathers hallowy-wet
Searching for light, that night
I met, a crow who called thru curse’d-blight
And who,
I given taxied Rhea-graven
En route to her funeral flight

I hung crow-woman aloft my altar
Ebony nib pointing down, and I prayed
And the crow started to grow inside my ever-wavering room
And the shadow flexed and the marring flayed
Crow-ghost spreading breath-black wing, death-black wing
And beginning to moan
Of the murder of crow
Murder of Crow
Tearing-wet bleak-blue feathers
Touched by the fingertip of Buddha, together
Our mourning moved down the broken body to the crown
Of the clown-cawing-cry
Down the silky body to the tip of the bleak dark eye
Where the sound screamed, and screamed, and screamed
And the, died

Tears fell drop by drop
Memento mori ’morrow
Onto the altar’s cloudless ground
It rained
And it rained
And it –

At daybreak I took crow-woman
To the secret groves where I gave her back to the earth
Buried in crow graveyard closest to birth
And all the crows came dressed in black
Ghosts of crows and crows still living
And they flew around my head like a Hitchcock halo
Of screaming thorns
Clacking and crowing and
Screaming their thank-filled song
They carried me
They carried me
They carried me,
On a beautiful kind of crow carrion blue


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