Sheri-D Wilson CV

Sheri-D Wilson

Curriculum Vitae

Open Letter: Woman Against Violence Against Women (2014, Frontenac House)
Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe (2012, Frontenac House)
Autopsy of a Turvy World (2008, Frontenac House)
Re:Zoom (2005, Frontenac House)  Winner: 2006 Stephan G. Stephansson Poetry Award
Between Lovers (2002, Arsenal Pulp Press)
The Sweet Taste of Lightning (1998, Arsenal Pulp Press)
Girl’s Guide to Giving Head (1996, Arsenal Pulp Press)
Swerve (1993, Arsenal Pulp Press)
Bull’s Whip & Lamb’s Wool (1989, Petarade Press)

Spoken Word Workbook: inspiration from poets who teach   (Editor, Banff Centre Press)

A Tribute to this Land—The Elder Project—with Anita Crowshoe (2013, Chapbook)
I just wanna be the Stampede Queen   (2012, Chapbook)
Mountain Sliding   (1997, Broadsheet, Swerve Sound)

Re:Cord   (2007, swerve sound)
Music arranged by Russell Broom
sweet taste of lightning   (2001, swerve sound)
Music arranged by Russell Broom
I am a Closet New Yorker, Sin City   (Word Up, ‘95, Virgin Records)

The Barcelona Bakery of No Return (2016, AFA, Sandi Somers)
The Panty Portal Project in Paris (2008, BravoFact; Sandi Somers)
Nominated four AMPIA Awards
Surf Rave Girrly Girrl (2003, BravoFact; Matt Embry)
Nominated two AMPIA Awards
Spinsters Hanging In Trees (2002, BravoFact; Michael Hamm)
Nominated two AMPIA Awards; won best Short
Inch By Inch (2001, CBC, Michael Hamm)
Airplane Paula (2001, BravoFact; Julie Trimmingham)
#1 on BRAVO TV, 2001
Nominated for five AMPIA awards
I Am A Closet New Yorker (1996, Much Music; Jill Battson)
Passing (1992, Independent; Susan Harman)

Sexy Madonna from Florence
You Tube (2010-present)
You Tube (2010-present)
The Panty Portal 
You Tube (2009-present)
BravoTV - Short Festival (2011)
High Performance Rodeo Festival (2009, Calgary)
Edmonton Queer Arts & Culture Festival (2008, Edmonton)
Calgary Film Festival (2008, Calgary)
Surf Rave Girrly Girrl
High Performance Rodeo Festival (2004, Calgary)
In Search of the Perfect Tiramisu (2003) Spinsters Hanging In Trees
In Short (2011, BravofactTV)
Rocky Mountain High: The Banff Centre (2008, Harbourfront)
CISWF (2008, Calgary)
You Tube (2007-present)
The Spoke Club (2007, Toronto)
Visible Verse Festival (2004, Vancouver)
Zebra Videopoem Festival (2004, Berlin)
Fayetteville Film Festival (2004, Arkansas)
London Arts on Television (2004, London, England)
AMPIA (April 6th, 2003 – Edmonton)
24th Durban International Film Festival (2003, Durban)
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (2003)
The Banff Centre, New Media Institute (2003, Banff)
Moving Pictures Fest of Dance and Film (2003, Montreal)
Canadian Talent/Moving Pictures (2003, Dalhousie U)
High Performance Rodeo Festival (2003, Calgary)
Sarasota Film Festival (2003, Sarasota)
Celebrate Shorts (Bravo!FACT event, 2002, Toronto)
Victoria Film Festival (2002, Victoria)
Houston Film Festival (2002, Houston)
Inch by Inch
Airplane Paula
AMPIA (April 2003, Edmonton)
CISWF (2008, Calgary)
Gabriola Writer’s Festival (2003, Gabriola Island)
Tidal Wave Film Festival (2003, New Brunswick)
24th Durban International Film Festival (2003, Durban)
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (2003)
The Banff Centre, New Media Institute (2003, Banff)
9th Annual Women Make Waves Festival (2002, Taiwan)
Seattle International Film Festival (2002, Seattle)
Vancouver Video/Poem Festival 2002 (Vancouver)
OYR High Performance Festival (2001, Calgary)
Victoria Film Festival (2001, Victoria)
I am a Closet New Yorker
Much Music Video

READINGS (selected):
YWCA - Benefit for Women's Shelter (2016, Canmore)
Tribute to Orunamamu (2016, Calgary)
MC - Coming Out Monologues (2016, Calgary)
Literary Saloon (2016, Canmore)
Against Racism U of C (2016, Calgary)
Michael Green Tribute (2016, Edmonton)
Woolf’s Voices (2015, Calgary)
National Slam Feature (2015, Saskatoon)
WordFest (2015, Calgary)
Springboard, Fluid Fest (2015, Calgary)
Tongues of Fire 10th Anniversary (2015, Victoria)
In Concert—with Steve Coffey (2015, Calgary)
Word on the Street (2015, Saskatoon)
Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts (2015, Sechelt)
Creative Aging Festival (2015, London)
Verses Fest (2015, Ottawa)
International Women’s Day (2015, Calgary)
WordSpell (2015, Toronto)
Single Onion—Poetry in the Now (2015, Calgary)
Art on the Line (2015, Kelowna, UBC-O)
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2015, Vancouver)
Heritage Park – Concert (2014, Calgary)
llega Spoken Orality (2014, Barcelona)
National Slam Feature (2014, Victoria)
WordFest (2014, Calgary)
VI Festival de Poesía las Lenguas de América (2014, Mexico City)
Airdrie Library (2014, Airdrie)
Take Back the Night (2014, Calgary)
Stampede of Poets (2014, Calgary)
Tiny Lights Festival (2014, Ymir, BC)
The Emerald Awards (2014, Calgary)
The Triple Goddess Show, The Bowery (2014, NYC)
The Ted Talk (2014, Calgary)
Shelf Life Books - Book Launch (2014, Calgary)
ContaineR—Springboard (2014, Calgary)
Slam Feature (2014, Calgary)
Verses Festival (2014, Vancouver)
Woolf’s Voices (2014, Calgary)
Wired on Words—Feature (2014, Montreal)

Women's Indie Slam—Feature (2013, Toronto)
One Voice Chorus Concert (2013, Calgary)
Feministo (2013, Montreal)
Famous Five Celebration (2013, Calgary)
Oakland Slam Feature (2013, Oakland, CA)
Sunset Poetry (2013, Sausalito, CA)
Turrets without Regrets (2013, San Francisco)
Secret Handshake Gallery (2013, Toronto)
Word on the Street (2013, Toronto)
Re:Act Walkabout (2013, Calgary)
Dyke March (2013, Calgary)
Woolf Voices (2013, Calgary)
Peoples Poetry—Opening, Street, Cabaret (2013, Calgary)
Saskatchewan Festival of Words - Five readings (2013, Moose Jaw)
Women’s Words (2013, Edmonton)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2013, Calgary)
Banff Centre—Faculty Reading (2013, Banff)
Verses Festival (2013, Vancouver)
Mile End Poets Festival (2013, Montreal)
Calgary Art Gallery—Violence Against Women (2013, Calgary)
Canadian Authors Association (2013, Edmonton)
KLC - Kootenay Literary Competition (2013, Nelson)
Green Party/ David Suzuki (2013, Calgary)

OCAD (2012, Toronto)
Avant Garden (2012, Toronto)
Famous Five Celebration (2012, Calgary)
WordFest (2012, Banff)
WordFest (2012, Calgary)
Poet Laureate of Can/Learn Society (2012, Calgary)
Literary Market (2012, Calgary)
Feature Slam Finals/ Circus (2012, Calgary)
MIX Festival (2012, Bath, England)
Elephant Mountain Literary Festival (2012, Nelson)
Canada Day (2012, Calgary)
Drumming Up Peace (2012, Calgary)
WordFest Wild West (2012, Calgary)
Sled Island (2012, Calgary)
Maple Syrup  (2012, Barcelona, Spain)
Atlantis (2012, London, England)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2012, Calgary/Banff)
International Day to End Racism (2012, Calgary)
Anu (2012, Vancouver)
Goddess Party, Book Launch (2012, Calgary)
Poet Laureate Showcase (2012, Calgary)
Poetry Earth (2012, Victoria)
Fancy Schmancy, Glenbow (2012, Calgary)

WOW – Women of Wisdom (2011, Calgary)
Day of the Dead (2011, Calgary)
V125PC (2011, Vancouver)
Vancouver International Writers Festival (2011, Vancouver)
Hot Poetry (2011, Vancouver)
National SLAM, CFSW, Legends of Spoken Word (2011, Toronto)
People’s Poetry Festival (2011, Calgary)
Hazelwood Herb Farm (2011, Ladysmith)
Lilac Festival (2011, Calgary)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2011, Calgary/Banff)
I Am a Closet New Yorker (2011, Toronto)

Gabriola Poetry Festival, electronic reading (2010, Calgary)
One Book One Calgary, Mavericks (2010, Calgary)
L’Institut Canadien de Québec (2010, Québec)- édition Jorge Luis Borges
Anu (2010, Vancouver)
Calgary Film Festival/ Howl Opening (2010, Calgary)
Fearless Women (2010, Calgary)
Calgary Slam Benefit ( 2010, Calgary)
Wired on Words (2010, Montreal)
Maple Stirrup au Bowery Poetry Club (2010, New York City)
Art for Change, Harlem (2010, New York City)
Maple Stirrup en El Arco de la virgin (2010, Barcelona)
Tango Show (2010, Barcelona)
Maple Stirrup en El Colmado (2010, Barcelona)
FiEstival maelstrÖm reEvolution (2010, Brussels)
Howl on a Full Moon, CISWF (2010, Canmore)
Faculty Fresco, CISWF (2010, Banff)
ProArts Society (2010, Calgary)
Canadian Federation of University Women (2010, Edmonton)
Le Dépanneur Café (2010, Montréal)
Frost Bite Festival (2010, Whitehorse)
Calgary Slam (2010, Calgary)
Poetry Earth (2010, Victoria)

Salt Spring Island (2009, Salt Spring Island)
Canadian Festival of Spoken Word – National Slam (2009, Victoria)
Sir Franklin School (2009, Calgary)
Forest Fest (2009, Port Albirni)
Passion Pitch Poetry (2009, Calgary)
Al Mutanabbi Street (2009, Calgary)
World Book Day & Planet Poetry – Noches De Poesia (2009, Montreal)
The Yellow Door Poetry & Prose (2009, Montréal)
Blue Metropolis (2009, Montreal)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival – Bohemian Shaker (2009, Banff)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival – Faculty Textplosions (2009, Banff)
Pro-Arts Society (2009, Calgary)
UBC Okanogan (2009, Kelowna)
The New Mocombo (2009, Victoria)
World Earth Series (2009, Victoria)
Random Acts of Poetry, National (2009, Calgary)
High Performance Rodeo VideoPoem Screening (2009, Calgary)

Gabriola Island Poetry Festival (2008, Gabriola Island)
National SLAM – Headliner (2008, Calgary)
Passion Pitch Poetry (2008, Calgary)
Vancouver Writer’s Festival (2008, Vancouver)
WordFest (2008, Calgary & Banff)
The Stir Festival (2008, New Mexico)
The Bowery Club (2008, New York City)
Vancouver Slam Opener (2008, Vancouver)
Robson Reading Series (2008, Vancouver)
Lethbridge Launch (2008, Lethbridge)
Toronto Book Launch (2008, Toronto)
The Banff Centre, Faculty Reading (2008, Banff)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2008, Calgary Banff)
Tongues of Fires (2008, Victoria)
The New Mocombo (2008, Victoria)
Voix D’Amerique (2008, Montreal)
Random Acts of Poetry, National (2008, Calgary)
Union Reading (2008, Kingston)

Hysteria Festival (2007, Toronto)
Words Without Borders (2007, Calgary)
Random Acts of Poetry (2007, Calgary, Paris)
Casa Del Popolo (2007, Montreal)
Atwater Library (2007, Montreal)
Queens University (2007, Kingston)
The Readers Series (2007, Toronto)
South Country Fair (2007, Fort McLeod)
Calgary Stampede, Rhyming Wranglers (2007, Calgary)
Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, Big Bang (2007)
Vagina Monologues (2007, Calgary)
Multi-Arts #2 (2007, Calgary)
Oxfam (2007, Calgary)
Women’s Resource Centre, U of C (2007, Calgary)
Sydney Reading Series (2007, Sydney, BC)
Thought Express (2007, Calgary)

bill bissett tribute (2006, Calgary)
Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (2006, Toronto)
Roar (2006, Edmonton)
Heart of a Poet (2006, Calgary)
West Coast Poetry Festival (2006, Vancouver)
Elora Centre for the Arts (2006, Elora)
Cathedral Arts Festival (2006, Regina)
Macombo Reading Series (2006, Victoria)
Canadian Author’s Association (2006, Edmonton)
Nickel and Dime, U of C (2006, Calgary)

Medicine Hat Library 100 Year Celebration (2005, Medicine Hat)
Late Night No-Name Cabaret (2005, Calgary)
CJSW Benefit (2005, Calgary)
Maple Ridge Reading Series (2005, Maple Ridge)
Vancouver International Writer’s Festival (2005, Vancouver)
Wild Word, Alberta Centennial U of C (2005, Calgary)
Herland Benefit (2005, Calgary)
Wordfest (2005, Calgary)
Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (2005, Vancouver)
Roar Festival (2005, Edmonton)
Random Acts of Poetry (2005, Calgary)
CBC Strike Support (2005, Calgary)
Liberate the Voice Day (2005, Calgary)
Art Walk (2005, Lethbridge)
Howl Festival (2005, NYC)
Victoria School of Writing (2005, Victoria)
West Coast Poetry Festival (2005, Vancouver)
Forest Fest (2005, Port Albirni)
Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2005, Calgary)
Faculty Reading, Women In Words (2005, Edmonton)
Alberta Scene (2005, Ottawa)
Re:Zoom Launch (2005, Toronto, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary)
Malaspina College Graduation (2005, Nanaimo)
Festival Voix d'Ameriques (2005, Montreal)

Vancouver Storytelling Festival (2004, Vancouver)
ACAD (2004, Toronto)
DUB Reading Series (2004, Toronto)
Claremont High School (2004, Victoria)
Parkland Secondary (2004, Victoria)
Reynolds High School (2004, Victoria)
St. Michaels University School (2004, Victoria)
Esquimalt High School (2004, Victoria)
Random Acts of Poetry, National (2004, Calgary)
Macombo (2004, Victoria)
Red School House Spoken Word Festival (2004, Kingston)
Calgary International Spoken Word Festival (2004, Calgary)
West Coast Poetry Festival (2004, Vancouver)
Words Aloud (2004, Durham)
Filling Station Reading (2004, Calgary)
Talking Fresh 2 (2004, Regina)
Uri Caine/Goldberg Variations (2004, Vancouver)
Single Onion Reading Series (2004, Calgary)
St. Mary’s College (2004, Calgary)

JBI Reading Series (2003, Victoria)
Gabriola Writer’s Festival (2003, Gabriola Island)
Vancouver Storyteller’s Festival (2003, Vancouver)
Jazz at the Jack (2003, Calgary)
Macombo (2003, Victoria)
Edmonton Writer’s Festival (2003, Edmonton)
Thundering Words Heard (2003, Vancouver)
25th Anniversery U of Vic (2003, Victoria)
Winner of the Heavyweight of Bumbershoot Festival (2003, Seattle)
Wayzgoose WestLit Festival, Nelson Arts Centre (2003, Nelson)
Audrey’s Books (2003, Edmonton)
Cochrane Library Reading Series (2003, Cochrane)
ATP Poets Series (2003, Calgary)
Winner of the Superbowl of Poetry (2003, Seattle)
Edmonton Comedy Festival (2003, Edmonton)

Vancouver International Writers Festival (2002, Van.)
Winnipeg International Writers Festival (2002, Winnipeg)
Taos Poetry Circus/World Tag Team (‘02, Taos, New Mexico)
Art Bar (2002, Toronto)
Macombo (2002, Victoria)

Poetry Africa 2001 (2001, Durban & Jo’burg, South Africa)
Shakespeare and Co.  (2001, Paris)
Vancouver VideoPoem Festival (2001, Vancouver)
The PanCanadian Wordfest (2000, 1995, Calgary/Banff)
Bumbershoot (2003, 1999, 1992, 1991, 1989, Seattle)
Vancouver Library Readers Series (1998, Vancouver)
Blacksheep Books (1997, Vancouver)
Tribute to bill bissett, Vancouver International Writer’s Fest (1997)
Poets Stroll – Headliner and Keynote Speaker (1997, Edmonton)
League of Canadian Poets Gala – National Library (1997, Ottawa)
Erotica (1997, Salt Spring Island)
Mama Bears (1997, Oakland, California)
Powell’s Bookstore (1997, Portland)
Elliot Bay Bookstore (1997, Seattle)
Okay Hotel (1997, Seattle)
Spoken Word Festival (1996, Montreal)
SFU Bookstore (1996, Vancouver)
U of T Bookstore at Buddies in Bad Times (1996, Toronto)
Art Court – Lady Sings the Blues (1996, Ottawa)
Gallery 101 (1996, Ottawa)
Tongue Tied Festival (1996, Montreal)
Economy Shoe Shop (1996, Halifax)
Urban Wanderers (1996, Montreal)
Toronto Woman’s Bookshop (1996, Toronto)
Queen’s University (1996, Kingston)
Idler reading Series (1996, Toronto)
Orlando Books  (1996, Edmonton)
U of Vic (1996, Victoria)
Vancouver Library Opening (1995, Vancouver)
The Brainwash Reading Series (1995, San Francisco)
Vancouver Folk Festival (1995, Vancouver)
University of Kitchner Waterloo (1994, Kitchner-Waterloo)
Spoken Word Festival (1994, Toronto)
SFU Downtown (1994, Vancouver)
Malcolm Lowry Room (1994, Vancouver)
Downtown Public Library (1994, Vancouver)
The Harbourfront Reading Series (1994, Toronto)
Gulf Island Festival (1993, Galiano Island)
Reading Railroad (1993, Vancouver)
Benmurgi Show (1993, Vancouver)
See Jane Fly (1992, Vancouver)
The Small Press Festival (1992, New York)
Shift Book Release (1992, Toronto)
Pro Musica Festival (1992, Vancouver)
Feminist Cabaret – Women in View (1991, Vancouver)
Small Press Festival – (1991, Vancouver)
Artropolis – Living Art (1990, Vancouver)
Community Arts Festival (1990, Vancouver)
Vancouver Small Press Festival (1989, Vancouver)
New York Small Press Festival (1989, New York City)
Sub Club Opening (1989, Toronto)
Naropa Institute  1989, Boulder, Colorado)
Threshold Gallery – Melmoth Group (1989, Vancouver)

Chatelaine Magazine, Unleash the Power of your Mind (2012, Toronto)
ffwd Mag, Book Review (2012, Calgary)
Westward (2012, Edmonton)
Avenue Mag, Self Portrait (2011, Calgary)
Geist 77, Ma & Tight Corners: Tipsy Turvy (2010, Vancouver)
Front Magazine, Ode to a Microscopic Life (2010, Vancouver)
Beat Route, Why Listen to Poetry (2010, Calgary)
Beat Route, Bedroom Eyes (2010, Calgary)
ffwd, Darwin Love (2010, Calgary)
Marco Polo Travel, Featured Canadian Artist (2009, Germany, France)
Geist, Ma and Tight Corners, Tipsy Curvy (2009, Vancouver)
Room of One’s Own (2008)
Event Magazine 37/1 (April 2008, Vancouver)
Poetry on the Buses (2006, Edmonton)
Legacy Magazine, Re:Call Five Old Biddies on a Fifty (2006, AB)
Harter,The Sweet Taste of Lightning, No. 9, (2002, Berlin)
Alberta Views, Yellow-green Zulu Beads (2002, Calgary)
Poetry on the Buses, Wishbone at Tate (2002, Calgary)
Grain, Spinsters Hanging In Trees (2002, Vol. 29, No. 4, Saskatoon)
Prism International, Anthem to Daughter (2002, 40.2, Vancouver)
Dandelion, A Brief History of my Cunt (2002, Calgary)
The Calgary Herald, The Year 2000 (2000, Calgary)
Geist, Remember that Crazy Cat (1999, Vancouver)
Scarabeus: Surrealist Mag. (1998, Vancouver/Paris)
B & A, Kramer/Wilson (1998, Toronto)
Alberta Views, All The Season in Alberta are Hot (1998, Calgary)
Poetry on the Buses, Sweet Taste of Lightning, Vancouver, 1998
Grain, (1996, Saskatoon)
Poetry on the Buses, Vancouver, 1996
Scarabeus: Surrealist Mag. (1995, Vancouver/Paris)
Source of Print, The Temple of Know (1993, Hamilton)
See Jane Fly, Rover Press (1992, Vancouver)
Noise Mag  (1989-1991, Vancouver)
Naropa Mag  (1989, Boulder)
Open Cages, Spike Love Cage (1989, Vancouver)
Melmoth Mag – West Coast Surrealists (1988, 1989, Vancouver/Paris)
poptart mag, Dying to be Famous: Dead (1988, Vancouver)

Le Dépanneur Café, French translation(2010, Adage édition)
spoken broken: Crow Fusion (2005, broken pencil)
Ribsauce,Spinsters Hanging In Trees (2001, Véhicule Press)
Vancouver Jazz, Keith Copeland; The Jeti of Jazz (1996)
Incantos, Tippy A-Go-Go’s CD, Run(1995, Black Heron)
word up,Sin City(1995, Virgin Records)
word up,I am a Closet New Yorker (1995, Virgin Records)
50+ Poems for Gordon Lightfoot (2014, Old Brewery Bay Press)
Women’s Words (2013, University of Alberta)
Flicker and Spark Queer Anthology (2013, Low Brow Press)
Planet Earth Poetry (2012, Leaf Press, Victoria) Extra! Extra!
Le Dépanneur Café (2010, Noches de poesia, Adage/Montreal)
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radiant danse uv being (2006, Nightwood Editions)
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Vintage 97-98 (1998, League of Canadian Poets)
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Ergo! (1992, Bumbershoot Literary Magazine)
See Jane Fly (1992, Jane/Rover Press)

ESSAYS (Print):
Lyric Essay - Spoken Word
(2015, Arc Magazine)
From Poetry to Poverty
(2015, Freehand Magazine)
First Time Eyes, Unearthing Spoken Word
(2007, Canadian Theatre Review)
Addicted:  Notes From The Belly Of The Beast
(2006, Greystone Books) – Reprint USA
Addicted:  Notes From The Belly Of The Beast
(2001, Greystone Books)


Adventures of the Trick-Riders:
During the Apocalypse While Thinking of Jesus
OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 2006
Between Lovers: Poetry As For Play
Belfry Theatre, Victoria, 2003
OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 2003
Confessions:  A Jazz Play
Tamahnous Theatre, Vancouver, 1991
(Nominated for 5 Jessie Awards)
Hung Drawn & Quartered
ATP New Works Festival, 1993
Works Festival, Edmonton, 1992
Gallery 56, Vancouver, 1991
OYR High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 1991
Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, 1990
Western Front, Vancouver, 1990


Vagina Monologues – Conversations with a C-Word
The Max Bell Theatre – Calgary, 2007
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Wedding – MC
High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 2007
Station Street Theatre, Vancouver, 1994
The Gathering, Toronto, 1994
Women in View, Vancouver, 1994
Brain Wash
OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 1993
Basic Enquiry, Vancouver, 1992
Mama of Dada
Surrey Art Gallery Surrealist Show, Surrey, 1992
Four Count – the cunning lingual ballistic explosion
Vancouver Fringe Festival, 1992
Temple of Know
Hamilton Artist’s Inc., Hamilton, 1992
Statistics – performed with my street kids
Vancouver Performance Art Series II, 1991
Vancouver Performance Art Series, 1990
Deaf Mute in a Pear Tree
The Dance Centre, Vancouver, 1990
Madame X
Living Art Cabaret, Tamahnous Theatre, Van, 1990
Sexy and Fabulous
OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 1990
Taboo X Two
Alberta Theatre Project, Outside, Calgary, 1993
Open Space Gallery, Victoria, 1989
Fringe Festival, Edmonton, 1989
Onion Perfume
Melmoth Surrealist Show, Threshold, Van,1989
Druid Jazz:  The Irish Question
Springboard Vancouver, Touchstone, 1989
SpringRites, New Play Centre, Vancouver, 1989
Man Walking
Western Front, Vancouver, 1989
Mind Tap
Mondo poptart – Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, 1988
Ellemental Secrets
Open Space Gallery, Victoria, 1988
Fringe Festival, Vancouver, 1988
Glass Slipper Amnesty Benefit, Vancouver, 1988
Beyond the Mirror, Arts Club Theatre, 1988
Along Way From Manet
poptart caberat, Savoy, Vancouver, 1988
Birds In Space
Edmonton Fringe, Edmonton, 1986
Open Cages Surrealist Show, Pitt Inter., Van, 1986
Dying to be Famous
OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 1983
Tight Wire
Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, 1983


Confessions: A Jazz Play (1991, Theatrum, Toronto)
Hung Drawn & Quartered (1993, Swerve, Arsenal, Vancouver)
Taboo X Two (1993, Swerve, Arsenal, Vancouver)


Wak! (Workshop) New Play Centre, Vancouver, 1994
The Coffee Shop (1991, Brief New Works, ATP, Calgary)

Dance Explosions, improvised show (2004, Dancers Studio West)
Classic Jam, co-created/performed (1998, Decidedly Jazz, Calgary)
Springboard Dance Show (1998, Calgary)
Boy Wonder, co-created/performed(1997, Ballet BC, Vancouver)
Kiss Project, creator (1995, 1996, Judith Marcus, Vancouver)
Spontaneous Combustion (1995, Vancouver)

Based on a Totally True Story, Mary Ellen, Mob Hit, Calgary, 2010
Vagina Monologues, Calgary, 2007
Italian American Reconciliation, Teresa, Fend Players, Vancouver
Rhythm of Torn Stars, Rain, Julian Neil, Vancouver, LA
Cambodia Pavilion, Ernestine, Theatre Public, Brian Paisley, Edmonton
Confessions: A Jazz Play, Lola, Tamhanous Theatre, Terri Snelgrove, Van.
Candida, Candida, Coconut Theatre, Martin Millerchip, Vancouver
Queens and the Great Outdoors, Grace, Conservatory, Greg Kramer, Van.
Singular Life of Albert Nobbs, Albert Nobbs, U of C, D. Davies, Calgary
Disrobing the Bride, Bride, One Yellow Rabbit, Gyl Rabi, Calgary
Measure fro Measure, Marianna, Conservatory, Greg Kramer, Vancouver
Trax: One Woman Show, Naiki Players, Gyl Rabi, Whitehorse
Josephine the Mouse Singer, One Yellow Rabbit, Brian Paisley, Calgary
Stepping Out, Ensemble, Kaleidoscope, Elizabeth Gorrie, Victoria
The Maids, Claire, Conservatory, Greg Kramer, Vancouver
The Relapse, Nurse, Open Space, Dermot Henneley, Vancouver
Cabaret, Kost/Kit Kat, Shakespeare Plus, Leon Pownell, Nanaimo
Goodnight Disgrace, Nurse, Shakespeare Plus, Leon Pownell, Nanaimo

Russell Bowers, CBC, 2014
Penn Kemp, CHRW, Gathering Voices, 2014
Sonali Karnick, CBC Montreal, All in a Weekend, 2013
Shelagh Rogers, CBC National, The Next Chapter, 2013
Russell Bowers, CBC, 2010, 2011, 2012
Jeff Collins, CBC, Poet Laureate, 2008
Kate Bland, BBC, Voices from the Middle of Nowhere, 2007
Jeff Collins, CBC w/ George Bowering, 2006
Face-Off Judge, CBC, 2006
Poet Pilot, CKUA, interview, 2006
Canada Reads, CBC national, poem commission, 2006
Alberta Scene, CKUA, Ottawa, reading/interview, 2005
GO! CBC National, Brent Bradberry / reading and inprov, 2005
West Coast Perform-Uri Caine/Goldberg Variations, M. Juk,‘04
Arts Report, CBC national, interview with John Spittal, 2004
Word Beat, CBC national, interview w Lillian Allen/reading, 2004
French Radio, CBC national, interview about Montreal, 2004
Jazz at the Jack, CBC national, recording, 2003
Arts Report, CBC national, interview, 2003
The Current, CBC national, commission, 2003
Arts Report, CBC national, interview, 2003
CKUA, Reading, 2003
Absolutely Alberta, CBC poet in residence, commission, 2003
Sounds like Canada, CBC, commission, 2002
Richardson’s Round-Up, CBC Face-Off, commission, 2002
Definitely Not the Opera, CBC, commission, 2002
CJSW, Road Pop’s, interview, 2001
Booked on Saturday Night, CBC, interview/reading 1999
Radio Sonic, CBC, Reading with band, 1998
Morningside, CBC last week Gzowski, interview/reading, 1997
Radio Free Rainforest, CFRO Co-op Radio, Vancouver, 1996
CFRO Vancouver, Woman’s Day Panel, 1990

TED TV, Talk, 2010
You Tube, VideoPoems
You Tube, Paranormals, 2009
CBC Television, Vignettes of Albertans, 2008
Global Television, Poet Laureate, 2007
The Letters, Dating Game, Ottawa, 2006
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Rodgers, Writers Speak Interviews, Interviewer, 1995
Imprint, TV Ontario, Beat Panel, 1991

Lip/Dub Feature, 2012
MIX Conference, Bath University, 2012
You Tube, VideoPoems, 2006-2011
Ted TV, Talk, 2010
HorizonZero, One Minute Piece, High Performance Rodeo, 2004
HorizonZero, EAT, Banff Centre, 2002
Channel Rodeo, live-on-line, 2001
PanCanadian WordFest, Outloud Alive, 2001
Edgewise Café, 1999
Cascade, Banff Centre, 1995
Euphony, E-Zine Weekly, 1995
Edgewise Café, Telepoetics, 1995

REVIEWS (written):
Arc, summer 2002; Hornbooks of Rita K (The), Robert Kroetsch
Georgia Straight, 1997; Kate Braid
The Duthie Reader, winter 1994; Lynn Crosbie
Plus Mag. – Art Reviewer – Vancouver, 1988-1990

Eating the Seed, Andrea Thompson (2002, Estastis Press)

Moving Dust, Kirk Miles (2016, Plan-B)
Changelings, Cassy Welburn (2015, Frontenac House)
Vaginas, cartografías y asteroides, Mónica González Caldeiro
unruly angels, Diane Buchanan (2011, Frontenac House)
love in a handful of dust, Kirk Ramdath (2010, Frontenac House)
Sail Away, Teen Anthology (2010)
Memoirs of a Praying Mantis, B. Lakoseljac (2010, Turtle Moons Press)
White Light Primitive Andrew Stubbs (2009, Hagio Press)
rivers...and other blackness…between us, d’bi young (2007, U of T Press)
One Stone, Barbara Pelman (2005, Ekstasis Editions)
Midnite Freak Show, ManWoman (2004, Manwoman)
To the Last Line, Marilyn Rose Brown (2004, A Shirtpocket Book)
Going to New Orleans, Charles Tidler (2004, Anvil Press)
Between the Doorposts, Isa Milman (2004, Ecstasis Press)
Reckless Women, Cecelia Frey (2004, Ronsdale Press)
Science Fiction Saint, Nancy Jo Cullen (2002, Frontenac Press)
Giving Up Poetry, with Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock, T.Carolan (2002, Banff Centre Press)

The Post Feminist Post - Special Summer Reader, 2015
Arc Magazine, Lyric Essay - Spoken Word, 2015
FreeFall Magazine, From Poverty to Poetry, A Lyrical Essay; 2015
The Globe and Mail, Rumble in the Desert; 4000 words (July 06, 2002)
AlbertaViews, Yellow-Green Zulu Beads; Memoir (July/August, 2002)

National Slam Panel – Building Community (2015, Saskatoon)
National Slam Workshop (2015, Saskatoon)
thINK - Weekend Workshop with Regie Cabico (2015, Calgary)
Single Onion – “Poetry in the Now” (2015, Calgary)
Writer-In-Residence (2015, Vancouver, Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
thINK - Weekend Workshop with Regie Cabico (2015, Calgary)
Week-long workshops, Sir Franklin (2015, Calgary)
Calgary Slam Team Coach, 2006-2015
National Slam Panel – Building Community (2014, Victoria)
National Slam Workshop (2014, Victoria)
Airdrie ARTember – School Visits (2014, Airdrie)
Arts Academy (2014, Calgary)
YouthWrite (2014, Calgary)
Wordsworth (2014, Calgary)
Tiny Lights Festival – Workshop (2014, Ymir)
Alexandra Writer’s Centre – Weekend Workshop (2014, Calgary)
Verses Festival – Master Class (2014, Vancouver)
National Forum on the Literary Arts – CC (2014, Montreal)
Canadian Festival Spoken Words - Insta-Translation (2013, Montreal)
Saskatchewan Festival of Words - Workshop (2013, Moose Jaw)
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop (2013, Edmonton)
Canadian Authors Association - Workshop (2013, Edmonton)
KLC - Kootenay Literary Competition - Workshop (2013, Nelson)
Calgary Slam Team Coach, 2006-2012
MIX, Bath England, 2012
Elephant Mountain Literary Festival - Workshop (2012, Nelson)
Spoken Word Program, Faculty & Director, Banff Centre, 2012
Vancouver Writers Festival, Spoken Word Masterclass, 2011
Edge School, 5-Day Workshop, 2011
Kooteney Lit Festival, 2011
Spoken Word Program, Faculty & Director, Banff Centre, 2011
Edge School, 5-Day Workshop, 2010
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2010
Spoken Word Program, Faculty & Director, Banff Centre, 2010
Alexandra Centre, 3-Day Workshop, Calgary, 2010
Frostbite Festival, Whitehorse, 2010
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2010
Sir John Franklin, Two-week Workshop, 2009
WordStorm Society, Nanaimo Workshop, 2009
League of Canadian Poets, Spoken Word Poetry, 2009
Edge School, 5-Day Workshop, 2009
Writers Union of Canada, High Performance Storytelling, 2009
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2009
Spoken Word Program, Faculty & Director, Banff Centre, 2009
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2009
Epcor Centre, Evening Arts Program, Calgary, 2009
YouthWrite, Writer’s Guild Alberta, 2008
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2008
YouthWrite, Writer’s Guild Alberta, 2007
Face-Off Judge, CBC, 2007
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2007
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2007 Performance Creation Canada, Calgary, 2007
Victoria Art Symposium, Victoria, 2006
Touring Panel, CFSW, Toronto, 2006
Leonard Cohen Society Panel, U of A, 2006
YouthWrite, Writer’s Guild Alberta, 2006
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2006
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2006
Elora Centre for the Arts, 4-Hour Poetry Workshop, 2006
Writers Union of Canada, Panel on Polemics, Montreal, 2006
Face-Off Judge, CBC, 2006
Canadian Author’s Association, Workshop, Edmonton, 2006
The Leadership Conference, 2-Day Workshop, Banff Centre, 2005
The Bowery Project, Poetry Workshop, NYC, 2005           
Victoria School of Writing, 5-Day Workshop, 2005
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2005
Rundle College, 5-Day Workshop, 2005
Word Travels, 5 High Schools, Readings, Calgary, 2005
SFU Extension, 2-day Workshop, 2005
Women Mystics Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal, 2005
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2004
Rundle College, 5-Day Workshop, 2004
YouthWrite, Alberta Guild, 5-Day Workshop, 2004
Words Aloud,One Day Workshop, (2004, Durham)
Poet League AGM, Marketing Poetry, Panel, 2004
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2004
Luther College/Sask. Writers Guild, 1-day Workshop, 2004
Same as above, Humor & Poetry, Panel, Regina, 2004
Gabriola Writer’s Festival, 1-day Workshop, 2003
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2003
AB Guild AGM, Oral Literature, Panel, Red Deer, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Centre, 2 Day Workshop, 2003
YouthWrite, Alberta Guild, 5-Day Workshop, 2003
Women’s Words, U of A, 5-day Workshop, 2003
Periodical Writer’s Association of Canada, 2003
Victoria Women’s Writing Group, 1-day Workshop, 2003
On-Line Writing Program, Vancouver, 2002
Mount Royal College2-day workshop, Calgary, 1997
Columbia College, Vancouver, 1996
UBC, Lecture Series, Performance Poetry, 1996
Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, 1996, 1995
Languara College, Poetry Lecture, 1994
Emily Carr, Surrealism Lecture, 1993
York University, Playwrighting workshop, 1992
Women In View, Vancouver, 1992
Camp Salish, Vancouver Island, 1992
Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, 1992
Richmond Writers Festival, 1992
Station Street, Street Kid Program, 1991
Federation of BC Writers, Vancouver, 1990

TED Talk – 2014
TED TV Presenter2010
Alberta Librarians Association2010
Alternative High School2010
James Fowler High School Graduation Ceremonies2009

Writer-In-Residence (2015, Vancouver, Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
One-on-one’s, workshop, artist talk, reading
CBC—The Next ChapterShelagh RodgersMay 2013
CBC—Writer in ResidenceShelagh RodgersOct. Nov. Dec. 2002

Orion Scholar, University of Victoria, 1999
School of Thought: Languages Lost & Found
Founder/ Director, 2016
Calgary Spoken Word Festival
Founder/Artistic Director, 2004-2014
Spoken Word Program, Banff Centre, 2008-2012
Founder/ Director
Calgary Slam Team Coach, 2006-2012
100,000 Poets for Peace, 2011-2012
The National Slam of Canada, Producer, 2008
Organizer, Spoken Word Pilot Program, Banff, 2007
Organizer of SWAN, second round table, Banff, 2007
Calgary Slam, 2006-2012
Organizer/co-founder of SWAN, first round table, Banff, 2005
Single Onion Reading Series, co-founder/organizer, 2001-2002
Small Press Festival, co-founder/co-organizer, Van., 1988-1989
Normal Art Society, co-organizer, Vancouver, 1988-1991
Station Street, Street Youth Program, Vancouver, 1990-1991
Amnesty International Fund Raising Events, Vancouver, 1989
Portland Hotel, Poetry Project, Vancouver, 1988-1990
Commercial St. Art Festival, co-founder/co-organizer, 1989-1991

The Calgary Poet Laureate, Jury, 2016
The Saskatchewan Book Awards, Jury, 2015
The National Forum on the Literary Arts, CC, Montreal, 2014
Advisory Committee, CADA, 2010
Gerald Lampert Award, 2009-2010
Membership Committee, League of Canadian Poets, 2006-2010  
Gerald Lampert Award, 2007-2008
Spoken Word & Storytelling Program, Canada Council, 2007
Banff Centre for the Arts, Advisor to Pilot Program, 2005-2007
Advisory Committee, Festivals, Canada Council, 2005
Alberta Poetry Awards, 2004
Gerald Lampert Award, 2004
Mexico/Canada Photo Exchange, Banff Centre, 2002
CBC Alberta Literary Contest, Calgary, 2002
Spoken Word and Electronic Publishing, Canada Council, ‘01-‘02
Grants to Professional Writers, Canada Council, 1998
Writer’s Project Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 1998
Explorations Grant, Canada Council, 1996
Literary Advisory Committee, B.C., 1994
Explorations Grant, Canada Council, 1992-1993
Touring Grant, Canada Council, 1992

Prose Poetry Workshop, Diane di Prima, San Fran, 2011
Quincy Troupe Workshop, CISWF, 2011
The Second Half of Life, Angeles Arrien, 2008
Quincy Troupe Workshop, CISWF, 2005
Anne Waldman Workshop, CISWF, 2005
Lillian Allen Workshop, CISWF, 2004
Diane Di Prima Workshop, CISWF, 2004
Interactive Screen Workshop, Banff Centre, 2002
Netera Technology Workshop, 2001
Playwrights Workshop Montreal, Women’s Millennium Project, 2000 PlayRites Colony, Banff Centre, 1997
Action Poetry Symposium, Banff Centre, 1994
Eugene Lyon Workshop, Vancouver, 1993
Naropa, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Boulder ‘89
Micki Maunsell, Vancouver, 1988-2003
Richard Fowler Workshop, Odin tech., Calgary/Vic., 1989, 1982 
Kose No Ko, Victoria, 1985
Acting III, Banff Centre, 1982
Mount Royal College, Theatre Department, 1981-1982
David Shein Workshop, Calgary, 1981
Royal Academy of Dance, Advanced Ballet, 1975

CanLit Award – shortlist (2015)
Robert Kroetsch Poetry Award - shortlist (2015)
City of Calgary - Arts Award (2015)
Lifetime Membership - League of Canadian Poets (2014)
Shortlisted—Exporting Alberta Award (2013)
Top Ten—Alberta Readers' Choice Award (2013)
ffwd, People’s Choice Award, Best Poet (2007-2012, Calgary)
Who’s Who in Canada (2006-2013, Ottawa)
Geist poll, What Canadian author would be the Best Lover? (2010, Van.)
Top Ten Poets in Canada, CBC (2009, National, Canada)
The Panty Portal–VideoPoem(’09, nominated 4 ROSIE Awards)
Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry (2006, Alberta)
Re:lit Award / nomination (2006, Canada)
Women of Vision Award(2006, Alberta)
Bohemians of Calgary(2005, Avenue Magazine)
Canadian Poet of Honour Award (2005, SpoCan, Vancouver)
Canada Council for the Arts, Grant, 2005
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Grant, 2005
Surf Rave Girrly Girrl—Video (2004, nominated 2 ROSIE Awards)
Top Ten Intriguing Calgarians (2004, Calgary Herald)
Bumbershoot Heavyweight Champion, Andrei Codrescu (‘03, Seattle)
Spinsters Hanging In Tree—Short Film(‘03,Gold, Houston Film Festival)
Spinsters Hanging In Tree—VideoPoem (‘03, ACE – Gold, Best of Show)
Spinsters Hanging In Trees—Video(’03, nominated 2 ROSIE Awards)
Spinsters Hanging in Trees—Video(‘03, Winner, ROSIE Best Short)
Poetry Bout-USA Heavyweight Champ(2003, Superbowl of Poetry, Seattle)
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Grant, 2003
Canada Council for the Arts, Grant, Theatre Section, 2003
Fortis et Liber—Poem(2002, Alberta Winner / CBC Face-Off)
Canada Council for the Arts, Grant, Spoken Word Section, 2001
Airplane Paula—Video(2001, nominated for 5 ROSIE Awards)
Confessions: A Jazz Play (1991, nominated for 5 Jessie Awards)

Spoken Word Workbook: inspiration from poets who teach, 2011
OOOO Originality Of Orality Online, 2005

SpoCan, 2006-2011
Calgary Spoken Word Society, 2004-2014 (non-voting)
Dandelion Magazine, 2003-2005

Writer’s Union of Canada (2003-2014)
(Advocate, National Council, 2007-2009)
The League of Canadian Poets (1992-2014)
(Spoken Word Membership Committee, 2005-2010)
SWAN (instigator, initiator, organizer) 2005 & 2007
The Writer’s Guild of Alberta
Canadian Author’s Association
The Actor’s Equity Association (on withdrawal)
Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artist (Actra)
Melmoth Surrealist Group (1983-2003)