Calgary Herald Review: New play paints famous artist in loving light

The title of Sheri-D Wilson’s new play says it all.

Louis B. Hobson of the Calgary Herald recently reviewed Sheri-D Wilson's play 'A Love Letter to Emily C'.

A Love Letter to Emily C is a gentle, endearing homage to Emily Carr, the Canadian painter and writer whose work was inspired by the Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest.

Wilson is Calgary’s current poet laureate so it should come as no surprise that, although A Love Letter is not written in verse, it is decidedly poetic in nature. Much of it is lyrical and ethereal and it has the feel of storytelling rather than drama.

This lyricism is reflected in Trevor Schmidt’s production design and staging. There are moments that feel almost balletic and the floor of the set looks like an artist’s studio floor melded with a forest floor. The back wall of the set is a collage of canvases that welcome different projections either of actual forests and totem poles or Carr’s paintings of them.

To read the review, visit Review: New play paints famous artist in loving light.

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