Calgary Herald Columnists: Corona Poem by Sheri-D Wilson

Calgary Herald - Sheri-d Wilson in front of City Hall
Photo credit: Gavin Young / Postmedia

Love in the Time of Corona

A new poem written by Sheri-D Wilson was posted on the Calgary Herald's website entitled "Love in the Time of Corona".

Here is a short snippet:

Our faces have changed
and we don’t know, what we look like yet,
as we search for a new way
to live and love

We oscillate between
paralysis, monotony and flow,
wonder if we will ever wake
from this CoVid coma, if we will ever
know anything again, wonder
if we will only be able to dream –
of trips to far-off places,
sitting in stands cheering,
standing O’s for virtuoso’s,
or dancing wild to Motown live
on a Sunday afternoon

To read the full poem, visit Love in the Time of Corona on the Calgary Herald's website.

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