Sheri-D Wilson: CTV’s Inspired Albertan

Sheri-D Wilson on CTV's Inspired Albertan

Sheri-D Wilson appeared on 'Inspired Albertan' on May 5

After recently completing her two years as Calgary's Poet Laureate, Sheri-D Wilson was selected, interviewed and appeared on CTV's "Inspired Alberta".

She's a wild, crazy woman, who brings her heart and her life and her spine and her music and her soul and her work and she bursts onto the stage and makes poetry come to life for all the people that are watching her.

~ Micheline Maylor, Calgary Poet Laureate 2016-2018

When asked about writing poetry, Sheri-D says:

It takes learning... and listening... and reading... and hurting... and crawling... and desire... and love.

And when you get to a point of love, you're ready to write poems.

Visit Inspired Alberta to see the replay of the episode or click below.

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