Global News Morning Calgary: YYC POP

Global News Morning Calgary featuring YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of People

Sheri-D Wilson appeared on 'Global News Morning Calgary' on July 15

Sheri-D Wilson joined Global News Morning Calgary live via Skype to discuss YYC POP, a book of poems written by people who capture the essence of Calgary.

I put out a call to the community suggesting that people write a poem about someone that they know that Calgary can't really live without and the identify of Calgary is seen in the people and the person that they write about is part of the identity of Calgary... and we got an overwhelming response from the community - 200 poems - 78 of which are in this beautiful [...] book published by Frontenac House.

It's an amazing little book with 78 artist in it, really famous people - ex-pats like Karen Connelly and Erin Moure, Jann Arden and the Mayor, all the ex-Poet Laureates - Kris Demeanor, derek beaulieu, Micheline Maylor, and Natalie Meisner [...] and these amazing poets who are first time being published, newcomers to Calgary. It's just been kind of magnificent.

The book gives a beautiful overview of the writers that are presently living in Calgary, but also the people who live here, who give great contribution and meaning to this land.

~ Sheri-D Wilson

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