CTV News Calgary: Pandemic Poems

Pandemic Poems - Edited by Kevin Solez

Canadian poets try to put the COVID-19 pandemic into words

Sheri-D Wilson’s poem “Intoxicated Children” found in the anthology Pandemic Poems is featured by CTV News Calgary.

It isn’t about the gloom or the lonely or the sad parts of the pandemic at all. It’s about kids – or as Wilson labels them, “bananarchists.”

My poem for the anthology was a humorous one, about watching the kids next door go bananas after they were let out onto the street to play. It was a metaphor for what everyone has been going through, locked inside the house, and then the explosion of activity when they finally get that release[.]

It’s called Intoxicated Children.my neighbor’s entire front lawn
is covered with little children far-gone
strung-out on speed, guess they
busted apart at the seams, freebased
chocolate covered espresso beans,
now spilling into my yard
running and screaming
like wound up wind-up machines
unrestrained, straight off the pages
of Dr. Seuss, thing one and thing two
got them ripped on stir-crazy juice
loop-to-loopythey’re racing harem scarem
raising hell in nonsensical patterns
all over the front yard pell-mell,
a CoVid kindergarten Mardi Gras
breaching bylaw after bylaw

~ Sheri-D Wilson

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