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Reframe your Brain

“When your mind tries to stop you from writing or editing,
change the direction of your thoughts.

Trick yourself into doing
what you think you can't do.”

Things to keep in mind | Sheri-D Wilson Blog

When you're about to edit your writing,
instead of focusing on the words,
focus in on the ideas.

Redirect your thoughts back to the moment
when you first experienced what you're writing about
(even it is in your imagination).

Revisit what inspired you to write the piece in the first place.

Revisit your original feelings, emotional response,
and observe what your senses are telling you now.

Sometimes to reexperience,
you can freeze-frame moments or stop - start them,
making it easier to distill the images.

Is there anything you missed
in your first draft?

Try levitating above the scene, observe it
from another angle.
Experiment with all angles.

Take yourself back to the original inspiration
when you first put your pen to paper.

What made you want to write the piece?
Where were you?
Is there another layer you might add?
What is it?

Ask yourself, what you see now
as you layer it on top of what you saw then.

Keep your first draft somewhere safe
start a second file
and edit with no mercy!

Editing is Revisiting
and Revising the Experience.

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  1. Thank you Sheri-D for all the opportunities and tips you have provided over many years. Good luck with your present and future ventures…you are a pioneer.
    With my respect,
    Don Harris

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