Poet Laureate of Calgary

Sheri-D Wilson | Calgary Poet Laureate

The Calgary Poet Laureate is intended to be an artistic ambassador for Calgary, presenting at civic events and producing literary work that reflects our city and its citizens. Sheri-D Wilson’ tenure as Poet Laureate of Calgary will be from 2018 – 2020.

“The Book of Sensations” Review

The Book of Sensations | Sheri-D Wilson

With fine-tuned vocabulary, far-reaching observation, and the dream-vision of the surrealist eye, Sheri-D delves into the personal and the universal, the everyday and the mythical in The Book of Sensations.

“Dragon Rouge” Review

Dragon Rouge | Sheri-D Wilson

“Magic is no stranger to Calgary’s Sheri-D Wilson, another Verses Festival poet. A formative influence on Canada’s spoken-word scene.” – Georgia Straight