The Sweet Taste of Lightning (1999)


Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press; 1st Edition edition (1999)
ISBN: 978-1551520605


Canada’s foremost action poet Sheri-D Wilson returns with The Sweet Taste of Lightning, a sublime new collection of poems that explore love and mortality with her distinct jazz-inflected sensibility. Startling and vulnerable, these are poems that speak from the heart, whether they be sassy missives from the street, or intimate confessions from one lover to another.

There are also the trademark language stylings that evoke Sheri-D’s powerful stage performances, full of wry, sexy truths. Lightning never tasted sweeter than in the cool poetic world of Sheri-D Wilson.


Sheri-D Wilson’s latest book of poetry came out in 1998. This is a book of “preformance poetry” with many, many different layers. Like an onion. Teeming with urbanity of the every day mysticism of life–one moment you’ll be howling at her clever play of words, the next, you’ll be gasping at her sudden fatalism. It’s this fatalism which has slowly been creeping into Wilson’s works which show her transgression and maturation as an artist. This book is not afraid to illuminate pain in the action of the now. It is one of her more down to earth books……(compare with Swerve), and it is not one or two continual preformance pieces like I personally perfer, but it is filled with genius pieces of funky poetry–the care, thought and reserch is evident in each one. She makes action poetry look effortless. On the stage, as well as in this book. Recommended to those with a desire to connect poetry with the real world, and in turn,their own real world, with the inner world of the true poet’s heart.


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