YYC POP: Portraits of People

Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People
Ordinary Stories of Extraordinary People

YYC POP is a poetry anthology which includes 76 writers, published in 2020 by Frontenac House.

The Front Cover of the YYC POP Book
The Back Cover of the YYC POP Book

If a city is characterized by the people who live there, as Calgary transforms, it is important to acknowledge who we are as we grow and change. With this idea in mind, we asked members of our community to write about someone who represents or captures the essence of Calgary as we are today.

Who are we? What is our identity? Who are we as a city? Who are the people that live here? What are their stories? How will we build a new future together?

This stunning collection brings together awe-inspiring stories that encapsulate and express a beautiful portrait of the people who live and work in Calgary. Included in the book are illustrated portraits of each of the writers as created by Kelly Sutherland.

Selection committee: Anne Sorbie, Yvonne Trainer, Sheri-D Wilson
Editing committee: Terry Davies, Micheline Maylor, Sheri-D Wilson

The cover design was by Peter Moller of Egg Press.

Included in the book are: Adrienne Adams, Anonymous, Jann Arden, derek Beaulieu, Calvin Becker, Janey Bevan, Sandy Bexon, Matt Blais, Brian Brennan, Dawn Bryan, Cort Bulloch, Weyman Chan, Margaret Chandler, Audrey Lane Cockett, Ethan Collister, Karen Connelly, Anita Crowshoe, Doris Daley, Kris Demeanor, Erin Dingle, Carol Duborg, Xam Eitsirhc, David Eso, Beth Everest, Karen Gallagher-Burt, Sophie Gowsell, Rosemary Griebel, Andrew Guilbert, Vivian M Hansen, Diana Hayes, Aritha van Herk, Richard Heyman, Faye Reineberg Holt, Ryan Hurl, Daniel Igbinosun, Brenda Johnson, Mohamad Kebbewar, carrie phillips kieser, Dale Lee Kwong, Madelaine Caritas Longman, Josephine LoRe, Carol L. MacKay, Crystal Mackenzie, Shannon Maguire, Shirlee Smith Matheson, Micheline Maylor, Pamela Medland, Natalie Meisner, Kirk Miles, Erín Mouré, Mayor Nenshi, Kathryn Osterberg, Michelle Owusu, Danielle Paul, aLot of Poetry, Heather Ramsay, Lori D. Roadhouse, Yaiza Lopez Garcia San Roman, Sherry Schwartz, Joan Shillington, Anne Sorbie, Cameron Sparling, Mary Spensley, Michèle Stanners, Sandra Sutter, Shone Thistle, Yvonne Trainer, Vanessa Urschel, Gisèle Villeneuve, Mary Vlooswyk, Michael Wahba, Chandler Walter, Tom Wayman, Catherine (Cassy) Welburn, Sebastien Wen, Clint White, Sheri-D Wilson, and Jenny Wong.

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