YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project

Love for the Voiceless

– Alejandro Melgar

Your mind amazes me, 
and you speak with such knowledge, 

The values you carry,
you didn’t need to learn them from college. 

What you possess of animals, 
or creatures that share the land, 

Shows your love for the world, 
as they can’t say or write by hand. 

I can only imagine, 
your work can be hard to comprehend, 

But know that you have a fan,
 a dreamer, and a friend. 

I met many more like you, 
and learned many tears are had.  

The hours, they are many, 
and the loss of trials can be sad. 

Support groups sprout to cheer, 
to show love, and so on, 

But I also learned that a leader, 
it got to her, and is long gone. 

I understand that at times
the world can seem cold and mean, 

With unfair treatment of animals
that care not for our dreams. 

I have heard tales of slithering, 
of creatures in people’s wake, 

Too scared to understand, to try to learn, 
and thus show hate. 

But when I see the youth, 
the families, and the community come together, 

It shows their is love and adoration for the voiceless, 
and their feathers. 

I have seen a bird in pain, 
and heard of its immense torture, 

A stranger gave it a new home, 
but you could say it was a scorcher. 

Or the time I met my brothers dog, 
he was mistreated, and ill fed, 

I took it upon myself to take him out,
to show love in his stead. 

You yourself showed a dog such love,
one beaten and bruised, 

Once a fighter and abused, 
but you cared not and schmoozed.  

Bukowski would say 
“People are not good to each other” you see, 

But I think the love we share with the clawed shows you care,

George Carlin also said that 
the Cynic was once an idealist, 

I think the sadness of your past
has perhaps made you a realist. 

But the you I have seen is filled with joy 
and laughter in the sun, 

So I have looked upon you 
as my reminder to have fun. 

I know naught of medicine, 
or of the veterinary kind, 

But with you in this city, 
it gives us a peace of mind. 

Alejandro Melgar

My name is Alejandro Melgar, and I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I grew up as a first generation Canadian, while also carrying the traditions of a culture that exists in my name. Boxing has been part of my life for eleven years, participating in the competitive side as a fighter and as a teacher. I am taking a break from my career as a personal trainer to discover myself, and it has rekindled my love for writing and learning, which in turn has led me on a path towards the University of Calgary, which I am hopeful of attending in the fall.

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