YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project

The True Heroes

– Fareeha Jamal Siddiqui

Millennials, of immigrant parents, say they have it hard
They mock and complain about hearing the same complaints over and over again
The same old statements memorized and mocked by now:
“Appreciate what you have now,” said one day
“We work hard just for you,” said another
And eventually, “All we ask of you is to be educated and successful”
Sick and tired of what they constantly say, we shrug it off without a say
We slam the doors and yell our truths
“We never asked this of you”
Storming out without any sign of apology
Our parent’s plea and sigh in hopes that we’ll at least listen and comply
Partying all day and night, whilst they work day and night
Blowing off money like it was always growing on trees
Oblivious how hard that money comes by
The tears, sweat and hours put in is seen as negligence by the kids
Balancing work and home seems impossible at most
Yet there are our parents managing three full-time jobs
Our complaints always heard and never misjudged,
Always provide us with the support
Mentally and financially
Yet whenever any details, were asked,
“It none of your business”
Is what we always say
Hurt but unaffected they carry on, go to work
And start this cycle day and day again
Hoping that our future is much more glamorous and full of joy
They go again, another day, but always there for us night and day

Fareeha Jamal Siddiqui

Second-year University student and Mount Royal University in the Bachelor of Science. I have been writing short stories and poems since grade 2, and have had multiple published works. Currently working towards a creative writing minor and hopefully a business minor.  

Photo of Fareeha Jamal Siddiqui