YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project


– Judy Carson

Looking out my front window, so much of God’s beauty!!
God put love in our hearts to give the world, our duty!!
Alla, an unfortunate fall has taken
To manage in her home, yet she is not shaken

An opportunity she has found,
For all to meet on common ground
Our chance to help someone in need
To write a few words for Alla to read

We all pray for her to be able
To have a smaller home, to set a new table
Alla cherishes her family home on the hill
In the close knit community of Millerville!!!

Her cherished home will be so sad to leave
But her Daily chores she will achieve!!
Why award to my husband and me
This is the reason to allow this to be?

Down the road in Turner Valley
Not far away if you don’t dally
Our daughter, husband and grandchildren live
A very good reason for you to give

To be nearer would help them so much
A helping hand, to feel Papa and Grandma’s touch
Their family struggles, they are many
Our sweet grandchildren have learning disabilities plenty

Our daughter and husband, we are so proud
The things they have put in place that are allowed.
We too will be leaving behind
A Son and daughter, five grandchildren combined

Two sisters, a brother and many a friend
but there is always a beginning and end
My school library with all of the pupils
My church with very high steeples

But for them we will sacrifice all of this
And all of those left behind, we will miss
My daughter once said “It is my Turn”
The closeness of us they all do yearn

What she is saying we do understand
For us to be nearer should be in our plan
To help with our grandchildren’s appointments
Or Even a band aid and some ointment

For a shoulder to cry on when they are sad
To be a support for Mom and Dad
Thank you Alla for creating this win-win
Such a good start for this world to begin!!!

Judy Carson

I am the wife of my loving husband, Ken and three wonderful children Cory, Tiffany and Denise whom I am so proud of! I also have eight beautiful grandchildren which I enjoy so much! I live in Medicine Hat where I work at a school as a Library Assistant! I love spending time with all of my Family including special celebrations and watching grandchildren in their activities! I enjoy reading, golfing, camping, vacations, gardening, swimming and volunteering.

I loved to write poems in Elementary School as a child and really have not spent any time since then writing poetry but recently wrote this poem so thought I would submit it.

Thank you for reading!