YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project

Jody's Poem

– Katheryn Speerstra

I first met you on a day back in September.
You tucked me in and attached me to tacos from what I remember.
When you took pity on me and gave me ice chips you made my heart soar.
You were so patient and understanding when I begged you for more.
We talked rescue pups and names and how my baby was breach.
How to hook me up to monitors to Craig you did teach.
All of these little things you did helped put my mind at ease.
You even gave me warmed blankets so that I wouldn’t freeze.
But the day you switched patients so I could be under your care again.
Is a day I will treasure and think of often every now and then.
You were there by my side when I needed someone the most.
And the last face of reassurance I saw as I went under the anesthesiologist’s dose.
I was frightened and scared but never felt alone.
As off baby William and I went into the unknown.
I thank my lucky stars you were there when you were.
As you were my constant during that crazy birthing blur.
You will always be special and important to me.
Forever in my heart as my angel Jody.

Katheryn Speerstra

Exploring the world, human rights and being a foodie are all secondary passions to my career as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional, and life as a mother to my son, William. I wrote this poem after being admitted into the hospital almost 8 weeks before my due date. The doctors were going back and forth on the no food and water restrictions and I was becoming desperate for some fluids. Jody was one of my attending nurses and I struck a deal with her; ice chips in return for a poem. We have been bonded and friends ever since and my son was born healthy, strong and happy through an emergency C-Section. The attached photo is of the three of us: Jody, William and myself, from left to right, one year after the scary whirlwind delivery of William.

Photo of Katheryn Speerstra