YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project

The Ying and the Yang

– Liv B

I love it how you always smile when you see me,
Or are you smiling, daydreaming of me on a knee?
Your lips are always so soft and inviting,
Like a hungry cat, your lips have you been biting?
Your eyes are sweet caramel that traps and engages,
Sweet, salty goodness in disguise, underneath: cages
Your lashes and brows are dark and thick,
They frame your face strong, armed and ready to trick.
It’s no trick your jaw is incredibly handsome,
Your neck, cheek, and back I want my hands on.
On your lower lip, that lone freckle,
I want to steal it, even though I know it tastes like gun-metal
You tease me with the trigger—your tongue
Because you know I love your seldom, soft smile so much— I’ll not ever be gone.
Even if I never see you again, I’ll remember it all clearly:
The hairs on your neck, the curve of your ear, the two blades on your back
I think I’ll remember it all, dearly, I fear.

Liv B

My Full name is Olivia Brodowski, but I just go by Liv. I’m majoring in English and minoring in Policy Studies at MRU. I’ve only just recently moved to Calgary from Edmonton, but I’ve met some of the most impactful people of my life here.