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Airplane Paula Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Airplane Paula, Sheri-D Wilson

Spoken Word Video Poem by Sheri-D Wilson.
Spinsters Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Spinsters Hanging in Trees, Sheri-D Wilson

Spoken Word Video Poem, Spinsters Hanging In Trees by Sheri-D Wilson, Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Poetry.

Panty Portal Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

The Panty Portal (Original), Sheri-D Wilson

Spoken Word poem about surrealist Guillaume Apollinaire written by Sheri-D Wilson, directed by Sandi Somers, shot in Paris 2009.
Spliffinspiration Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson w/ Spliffinspiration

Spoken Word, Mama of Dada, Sheri-D Wilson, comments on the Olympic Torch in "Spliffinspiration".
Crow Fusion Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Crow Fusion, Sheri-D Wilson

Poet / Spoken Word Artist Sheri-D Wilson orates one of her Mystic Poems.
Sexy Madonna Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Sexy Madonna from Florence: Canada Speaks

Sheri-D Wilson performs her poem for "Canada Speaks" and was first presented at the poetry gabriola festival. Sheri-D Wilson is the artistic director of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.
Ode To My Microscopic Life Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Ode to my Microscopic Life, Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson - In Concert (2015)
Fortis et Liber Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Fortis et Liber, Sheri-D Wilson

In Concert (2015) with Lin Elder
TedX Calgary Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

TEDxCalgary, Sheri-D Wilson, Originality of Orality

Sheri-D Wilson discusses the idea of creating community, through creative leadership. Leadership is developed through finding new ways to reinvent yourself.
Surrealism Screenshot | Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson: Living Surrealism

Sheri-D Wilson (aka The Mama of Dada) will riff on the subject of surrealism.

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