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Calgary's Poet Laureate Emeritus, Sheri-D Wilson (aka Mama of Dada) is the award-winning author of 13 books, and a strong advocate for social change.

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Humanity + Love + Inclusion + Authenticity + Truth + Fierceness

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Whether you are a seasoned poet or thinking of starting to write for the first time, there are many ways to explore your thoughts and discover your authentic voice.

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Charlie Petch - Why I Was Late w/ Sheri-D Wilson | Sheri-D Wilson

Charlie Petch – Why I Was Late w/ Sheri-D Wilson

Join us for the virtual launch of Charlie Petch's Why I Was Late (Brick Books) on Tuesday, October 19, starting at 7:00pm. Charlie will be joined by Sheri-D Wilson.

For more information and to join the event, visit Charlie Petch - Why I Was Late.

What others are saying...

Bob Holman

Poet, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club

Language is the essence of being human
Poetry is the essence of language
And Sheri-D Wilson is the essence of essence

Anne Waldman

Poet, writer, performer, collaborator, professor

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen: here’s action poet Sheri-D Wilson dancing her way onto the page with rawness and rage.

Lorna Crozier

Poet, Governor General’s Award winner

Books, books, books—why won’t they leave me alone? I can’t sleep because I have too many books, I can’t make love, I can’t eat, I can’t move to a smaller house because I have too many books. If the megathrust earthquake strikes the West Coast, I’ll be flattened by falling books.

Kerry Clare

49th Shelf

Sheri-D Wilson turns language on its head, exuberantly coining new words that seem absolutely necessary-like arborolatry (a great word for idolizing trees). Her mastery of sound is hypnotic.

San Francisco Examiner


Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen . . . genetically tinker with these Canadians and add a chromosome of Patti Smith and a double-helix strand from Jim Carroll. . . you have Sheri-D Wilson.