Written and performed by Sheri-D Wilson

A Love Letter to Emily C

A Love Letter to Emily C, explores the life and times of Canadian icon and artist Emily Carr. Humorous and moving, this play is an interdisciplinary marvel like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Fall in love with the making of extraordinary art! Experience all the exhilaration and creative brilliance of Emily Carr as she playfully interacts with her monkey Woo. A quirky dialogue between an artist and the creature she adored—it is a fusion of theatre, poetry, visual art and music. This play is presented by Handsome Alice Theatre.

  • Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons, Calgary, 2019


Adventures of the Trick Riders

Twin girls and their friend Clara, all born and raised in Black Diamond Alberta commit a crime after high school. One splits to become a writer in New York City and the other stays in Black Diamond to become a world class Trick Rider. Clara marries an RCMP officer. When Clara dies 30 years later all hell breaks loose.

  • OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 2006

Between Lovers: Poetry As For Play

Written from the perspective of a 100 year old woman who single-handedly changed the face of art. She is the unidentified woman you see in every picture of men artists. She is the one who is wearing the interesting hat and she is the one who influenced the well-known men with her erotic and surrealist ideas.

  • Belfry Theatre, Victoria, 2003
  • OYR, High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 2003

Hung Drawn & Quartered

Erotica and hilarity in the same piece, performed in many venues and festivals who delighted in the magic of transformation. Sheri-D was a figurehead before the Titanic movie ruined everything.

  • Works Festival, Edmonton, 1992
  • Gallery 56, Vancouver, 1991
  • OYR High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, 1991
  • Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, 1990
  • Western Front, Vancouver, 1990

Confessions: A Jazz Play

Maybe one of the first Spoken Word Plays ever written, this award winning surrealist piece—set in the subterranean city beneath New York, explores love in 1991 before Giuliani "cleaned-up" the streets. It's gritty and wild!

  • Tamahnous Theatre, Vancouver, 1991 (nominated for 5 Jessie Awards)
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