YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of Poetry, a Sheri-D Wilson Laureate Project


– Danielle Ly

She came here by boat
an unkind ocean
landed on western lands
graced by mountain winds.
She left behind a land
full of sun
and history.
She left behind
her mother’s touch
her sister’s love
and her father’s tomb.
she didn’t know the words
but she could feel
their sting
against her cheek.
She wasn’t meant for this place
with too long winters
and stumbling tongues
that mispronounced
her name.
She cried
as she tried to keep warm
in a foreign land
with unfamiliar faces.
But the city grew
and so did it’s people.
The grass got greener
the buildings
touched the sky
the snow wasn’t
always falling
the sun was
always shining.
The people opened up
wide arms
kind words
selfless smiles.
And as this
much too cold place
became warm-
it also

Danielle Ly

Danielle is a second generation Asian Canadian, whose family hails from Vietnam. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary and has a passion for writing poetry and fiction. 

Danielle Ly