Sheri-D @ Beakerhead

Featured image of Beakerhead's Quirky Works Poetry

Calgary Spoken Word Society & Beakerhead: Quirky Works Poetry on Sep 15 w/ Chris L. Butler, Weyman Chan, Skylar Kay, David Martin, Sheri-D Wilson, Shone Thistle


Drones video featured image | Sheri-D Wilson

Drones is an unreleased Spoken Word primitive lyrical poem recorded in 2017.

UFV Cascade: Sheri-D’s Spoken Word Journey

Sheri-D Wilson - looking straight at camera - blog image

Finally legit, Sheri-D Wilson’s spoken word journey Sheri-D recently spoke with The Cascade – UFV’s newspaper – about her path to becoming an acclaimed spoken word poet and her role at UFV. Visit UFV Cascade to view the full article.

Remembering Diane di Prima

Remembering Diane di Prima video featured image | Sheri-D Wilson

Remembering Diane di Prima, was written and recorded for the 2021 Verses Festival of Words – who asked me to put together a tribute for Diane di Prima.

The Place of No Return

The Place of No Return video page image | Sheri-D Wilson

The Place of No Return was written for Poets Corner Reading Series. They asked for a one-minute poem. So in a fit of fun… I did this wacky piece!