"Mama of Dada"

Sheri-D Wilson is a Spoken Word Artist and Surrealist Poet known as the "Mama of Dada." Along with 9 collections of poetry, she has 2 Spoken Word CDs (arranged by Russell Broom), and 4 award-winning Video-Poems.

Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson


This evocative book binds the ancient past with the distant future – by reclaiming the present. It is a recitation and a prayer of reconciliation, whether expressed in radical chant filled with the optimism of healing or in the Celtic lament of a cunning passage-play.



Sheri-D Wilson


Listen to this dynamic conversation between Shelagh and Sheri-D as it was heard on CBC's "The Next Chapter" in May of 2013.



Sheri-D Wilson


Anita Crowshoe and Sheri-D Wilson worked together to create this legacy project. Elders: Dr. Reg Crowshoe, Tom Heavenfire, Sykes Powderface, Clarence (Agar) Wolfleg Sr. - told traditional aboriginal stories to high school students, who in turn responded with poetry and drawings. The jouney is told in this chapbook.

Green Love Poem


Green Loves, is dedicated to David Suzuki. The piece was written in 2012 for "Turning Point," celebrating Chris Turner, and the Green Party. On November 17, Sheri-D (w/ Lin Elder ) shared the stage with Kris Demeanor, Jay Ingram (w/ Scrutineers), Elizabeth May, David Suzuki, and Chris Turner—in a life-changing event!

Green Love Poem


Crow Fusion was written in Vancouver; 1996. And in 2012 the piece was videoed by Mike Roberts, in Calgary.



Book Coming Soon

Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe

... may transport you into the “now” of metaphysical possibility, to fly between solitude and wild abandon, from Buddha blink to cosmic flare.

The QR codes embedded throughout the book will lead you to interesting pictures, performance videos, secret messages and the opportunity to participate with other readers and Sheri-D! See Zoom Schwartz Profigliano...

Spoken Word Workbook

Spoken Word Workbook


Edited by Sheri-D - The lessons include every aspect of Spoken Word: its History, Composition, and Performance in styles like Dub, Hip Hop, Jazz, Storytelling, and Slam.

Front Magazine

Chatelaine Magazine - Article


In August 2012, Chatelaine magazine features Sheri-D in an article titled "Unleash the power of your mind."

Front Magazine



Originally published on Front Magazines cover in February 1991. And nearly 20 years later she reappears as a "micro-celebrity."

Front Magazine



This photograph was taken in 1991 by Lincoln Clarkes for the cover of the Vancouver Georgia Straight Magazine. Cruise some of the highlights of my past if you please.




Selected Awards

People's Choice Award
FFWD Weekly Magazine, 2007 - 2012


Canadian Writer Who Would Make the Best Lover!
Geist Magazine - Feb 2010


Top Ten Poet in Canada
CBC Arts News - May 2009


Nominated for 4 Rosie Awards
Panty Portal - 2008


Heart of a Poet
Half-Hour Documentary - 2007


Woman of Vision Award
Global TV - 2006


Heavyweight Title for Poetry USA
Bumbershoot - 2003